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31 Aug

Meet Mayumi – our summer intern


Mayumi: Talus Rock Retreat’s Summer Intern

Meet Magnificent Mayumi!

mayumi-kitchenMeet the fabulous “Magnificent Mayumi”, a tiny-but-mighty Peruvian hurricane who joined us in May of 2015.  Mayumi (pronounced ‘My-You-Me’) started as our summer intern, but has grown to be such an integral asset to Talus Rock Retreat that we’ve begged her to become staff.  She magnificently pops up in the perfect moment of need here at the Retreat!

Mayumi is the daughter of Talus Rock Retreat guests (ex-Colorado/now new Clark Fork residents), who asked us if we could help house and intern her while she explored study options in Sandpoint. Within an hour, we knew she was a dynamo. Mayumi jumped in to the fray the minute she arrived, as we all quickly discovered she loves to host, please, work, and keep busy – and that she did! I’ll never forget  prying our weekly lists from her fingers as she would try to accomplish them in a single day!  Her exemplary work ethic coupled with a steadfast character of integrity is most notable.

From cleaning, learning, training, cooking (her spring rolls are the best!), and popping out of places with mayumi-bdayMayumiwrap-copyanswers, tools, and solutions at just the right moments, she provided hands and feet, encouragement, wisdom, good cheer, and stamina at all hours of morning and night.  From grabbing paper clips and staplers to silencing ringing phones, smiling through unscheduled tours (and 3 more more flights of stairs for the tenth time that day) to last-minute room turnovers, whipping up “green shake” nourishments, baking delicious stress reducers, and finding all things lost, Mayumi Diana Anderson remains our extraordinary Executive Assistant – the magical wind-beneath-our-wings.

Mayumi was only eleven years old when Toni and Jim adopted her into their Peruvian orphanage. Their founded Christian mission, Heritage of Jacob Peru Mission (HJPM) which is dedicated to helping educate children in Peru. These U.S missionaries rescued Mayumi who was  orphaned at age of 3 when her biological mother died during childbirth. Before Jim and Toni adopted her at 9 years old, Mayumi “endured and saw things none of us would like to even think about.” she recalls.  Despite her heinous early childhood, she is a survivor and has an incredible spirit and love for life with a muse that will capture your soul.

She reflects, “All things happen for a reason,  and because of my faith in Jesus Christ who is the great healer and restorer, I have a great strength and foundation. Now  I’m in the U.S. to study and learn the culture.” Even though she would rather be in her country of origin, she is focused on a career of sustainable agriculture so that she may “take back her knowledge to educate and teach her people to do organic farming.”

“It is not sad for me”, she smiles demurely. “I didn’t have a future, but now I do because my (adopted) parents never gave up on me. They are the greenhouse where I have been able to grow. I could not find better parents,” she says. “They taught me how to make better choices for myself – ’you don’t want to be a toy’ “– her mother taught her. Mayumi said she did not understand what that meant until she was about 17. “I’m 22 now, and I finally understand. They didn’t throw in the towel once with me. They are the best parents I could ever have in my life!”

And this faith-filled woman is undoubtedly one of the best additions to our Talus Rock Retreat family. She will head back to Peru in the Fall of 2015 to visit her orphanage family and friends before returning the following summer to serve our guests once again.

We sincerely hope you get to experience, firsthand, Mayumi’s  amazing spirit, smile, and magnificence!

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