We’ve been expecting you and have everything ready for your stay!

We intend to provide a positively memorable, trouble-free, and restful sojourn from your busy life to renew your mind, body and soul. God has blessed us with abundance, and it is part of our mission to share His gifts with our friends, family and visitors like you. We’ve bootstrapped, scrimped and sacrificed for over two decades to build Talus Rock Retreat and have entrusted you, your family, and your friends to enjoy the treasures we’ve worked hard to earn – most of which have been personally hand-carried from the far corners of India, Africa, France, Mexico and Brazil, all of which display an intimate expression of us.  

BookCrossing-Logo-150We take pride in that charitable causes will always take priority over profitable ones–and that will manifest itself once you step foot in this place. As mentioned above, the histories of the items that grace this house are what make Talus Rock Retreat an eclectically chic bed & breakfast. We are also heavily involved with our company, bookcrossing.com, that let’s people from all over the world share books from all over the world, enhancing individuals’ educational experience. 

When we are not hosting ceremonies and overnight guests, Talus Rock Retreat is our home. We have three wonderful adult kids, Kipling, Rio and Selkirk, and they love this property (and the people who enjoy it) dearly. We employed over 80 talented workers and craftsmen over the duration of the build to execute out-of-the box ideas. We couldn’t have done it without one fabulous Architect, Pete Keller, of ‘Design Works’ based here in Sandpoint.


When Bruce and I married back in 1994, we vowed that if we ever became financially blessed, we would build something to give back to God and serve those who serve others.

This Retreat is our love letter to you and to those in the worldly trenches–especially soldiers, nurses, missionaries, pastors and teachers. After 20+ years of scrimping, saving, sacrificing, risking, bootstrapping combined with plenty of blood, sweat and a few tears, Talus Rock Retreat was built over a four-year period with everything we had manage to squirrel away and borrow! Bruce’s fingerprints are on the bottom of Talus Rock Retreat (with its exterior form, function and mechanics), and mine are on the top with its interior design, textures and furnishings.

The bronze wall plaque that rests on our kitchen counter says it best:

We seek to maintain this mission at the heart of our day to day operations, and we remain grateful that we have the opportunity to live within Talus Rock Retreat’s walls while we steward the place and serve our guests.

Filled with treasures lugged back from the far corners of the world, this villa is an eclectic expression of our family. We employed over 80 different workmen, many skilled craftsmen, and one fabulous young Architect (Pete Keller, of DesignWorks) to execute our out-of-the box design ideas. We get asked many questions about the features and details of Talus Rock Retreat, so we’ve written a Guest Manual to deliver the ‘rest of the story’; It’s a summary of Talus Rock Retreat – the place we lovingly and gratefully
call “home”. 

Sandpoint Video

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Sandpoint Video

Beauty in motion…


Bruces' Passion

When he’s not here at home tuning up our internet service and herding the kids, you will find Bruce Pedersen aka Dr. Bruce at his second home in the Balkans of North Dakota. Bruce  built and operates this spectacular 30,00 sq ft Veterinary Hospital which offers needed support for the growing community.

Check out this video (hover over the orange text)… and watch him in action!


Watford City Veterinary Clinic in the News

Watford City Veterinary Clinic makes the local news!

In the news...

"The downturn hasn't affected us dramatically. I think we are on an upward trajectory, so it's hard to evaluate where we would have been if oil prices hadn't change. We are definitely a health business with stability," said Pederson, Watford City Veterinary Center veterinarian. He and his staff are working in the new 30,000-square foot Watford City Veterinary Center. Services include surgery, medicine, boarding and grooming. For larger animals, haul in service is available. Four years ago, Pederson leased a 1,200-square foot facility from Dr. Robert Nelson, which was substantially smaller than their current facility. "You made it work, but it's like doing your job in the closet," said Dr. Seth Nienhueser, Watford City Veterinary Center veterinarian. Nienhueser has been a veterinarian for three years and loves the new surgery rooms. He says the center benefits everyone. "Made our lives a lot better. It also made out medicine a lot better, so we supply our patients with a lot higher quality medicine. And look after their needs a lot better," Nienhueser said. The facility is complete on the inside, but there's still work to do outside. "I think this is the year of the landscaping. We'll have a little outdoor garden for when it's time to say goodbye to your pets. It's a sacred time and we try to make that as comfortable and pain free as possible," Pederson said. The center is paperless and everything is stored electronically. Pedersen believes it allows the staff to better assist customers. The center employs a staff of more than 20.