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Talus Rock Retreat’s Antique Carousel Pony

  “Talus Rock Retreat’s antique carousel pony sat in the back of a thrift store for at least six months. I must have passed it ten times during my frequent visits deciding that the face was too macabre to display in a home. But after...
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Talus Rock Retreat’s Hand Carved Front Door

“Following the rules of DaVinci and Mother Nature, design elements in the Retreat are expressed in 3’s, 5’s, and occasionally, 7’s. and these rules can be found in Talus Rock Retreat’s hand carved front door. Compositions of buildi...
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Talus Rock Retreat’s Timber Frame

Talus Rock Retreat is predominantly built with stained concrete, authentic stone, hand-troweled stucco, hand-scraped, hydronic radiant heated maple floors, and knotty-alder doors and cabinets. The timber frame in the main part of the Retreat took mor...
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Talus Rock Retreat’s Grand Arbor Ceiling

  “Saddled with developing the interior design of a 20 ft. octagonal ceiling which was bound to draw upward gazes due to it’s soaring height, I felt compelled to make sure the viewer was rewarded. I considered a trompe l’oeil like ...
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Talus Rock Retreat’s Interior Castle Wall

“The castle-like finish on the angled corner you see in the kitchen was an attempt by the architect and me to make the outside appear to be inside; observing from the outside, the interior castle-like wall continues with an invisible transition...
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How Long to Build Talus Rock Retreat?

It took us 15 years to save for the groundbreaking money, 8 years to purchase and aggregate the 5 parcels of land to control the view corridor, 4 years to design the Retreat and clear the land, and 388 days (working 7  days a week to build it) befor...
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