bronze trr plateThis God-inspired vision of husband and wife is a response of gratitude to His blessing on our family. Together, we have created this home as a love letter and retreat to serve those who serve others.

May He forever bless this offering as a place of rest for souls in need of healing, love and peace.  And may we always remember to be unconditionally generous in helping others with the abundance He has allowed us to enjoy.

We welcome you.

Bruce, Heather, Kipling, Rio, and Selkirk Pedersen

Click here for more videos from The World Orphan Choir from The International Children’s Network link

When the Pedersens built Talus Rock Retreat, the vision was to share abundance with family, friends and others seeking a place of solace, refuge and reprieve from life’s hardships or fast paced, energy draining occupations – a place for people to renew and rejuvenate.

In keeping with this core vision, lodging dollars spent here help support local missions as well as international humanitarian efforts. The Pedersen’s have a heart for causes that improve the lives of orphaned and at-risk children, help curb third world poverty through animal husbandry and improving the overall health care provision in rural developing nations. This unconventional social venture, known as Talus Rock Retreat, has consequently allowed guests to become extraordinary patrons of the following organizations:

Kiva – connecting people through lending to alleviate poverty. BookCrossing-Logo-900 BookCrossing – making the world a library by sharing books and promoting literacy reaching out to third world countries.
icn logo International Children’s Network – providing aid to children in third world countries to help educate through the university level to change a country from the inside out. TLC The Luke Commission – providing healthcare to those in rural areas of Swaziland and southern Africa who cannot reach medical facilities due to poverty, lack of transport and resources.

Your stay helps us to serve in the developing world:

  • 2015 – Peru and India planned for May with the World Orphan Choir (International Children’s Network)
  • 2014 – Nepal, India, Liberia and Philippines with the World Orphan Choir (International Children’s Network)
  • 2013 – Philippines with the World Orphan Choir (International Children’s Network)
  • 2012 – India with the World Orphan Choir (International Children’s Network)
  • 2011 – India with the World Orphan Choir (International Children’s Network)
  • 2010 – Swaziland with The Luke Commission
  • 2009 – Uganda with Matsiko Children’s Choir (International Children’s Network)

Your stay helps us to help locally:

It’s neither a secret nor a surprise that Talus Rock Retreat aims to generate income, because it takes money to give money and to keep this refuge hosting. We are thrilled that this unconventional social venture affords us the opportunity to serve our community and its guests. Your patronage allows us to help others – and that we do; indeed, this is our “joie de vivre”. The following is a partial list of organizations that have benefited from your stay.