Meet the Team


We couldn’t possibly do it alone and the synergy of our ever growing core team here is one of the best.

This page is dedicated to the sassy chicks and the rest of the brood that run the roost known as Talus Rock Retreat. We don’t just offer a comfortable and fancy place to sleep, but we strive to provide a full service and unique experience while focusing on the details. We hope our guests leave thinking, “Wow, that was a really cool stay!”

It takes a great team to deliver extraordinary service and customer care – a team comprised of the gift of hospitality and a heart wired for service. Come meet the fabulous (and oh, so fun) staff that work behind the scenes:


"Hurricane" Heather:

31376_388083324169_1904719_nPossessing the passion and executing the vision behind Talus Rock Retreat, Heather absolutely loves what she does for a living, and it shows. From giving welcoming hugs at the front door to entertaining deep discussions about developing-world issues, her diversified life experiences and extensive travel make her an interesting conversationalist with a wonderful gift of hospitality. Quick to offer you a cup of Indian tea, help carry your bags to your room, or join her for a pint of Haagen Dazs ice-cream, Heather is a most gracious steward of Talus Rock Retreat and a . You might catch her on site between jumping a train to North Dakota (to see hubby), catching a place to India (to work missions), or driving rigs between MT, ID and ND (to run veterinary hospitals).


“Magnificent” Mayumi (pronounced ‘My-You-Me’)

Mayumiwrap-copyCarefree and content, Mayumi is absolutely “on it” when keeping Talus Rock Retreat sparkly shiny from top to bottom – a mammoth task indeed! From cleaning, learning, training, cooking (her spring rolls are the best!), and popping out of places with answers, tools, and solutions , she provides the hands and feet, encouragement, wisdom, good cheer, and stamina at all hours of morning and night. From baking delicious stress reducers, and finding all things lost, Mayumi remains our extraordinary Housekeeping Queen – the magical wind-beneath-our-wings. This faith-filled woman is undoubtedly one of the best additions to our Talus Rock Retreat family. She heads back to Peru after the crazy summer season to visit her orphanage family and friends before returning to serve our guests once again the following summer. Oh, and keep babies away from Mayumi; she loves them so much that she just might take them home with her!”


“Jumpin'” Jay “Jehosephats”:

097a9267The glue of keeping all systems running, this jaybird flies from one fire to another around the retreat (after his full-time maintenance day job). Jay’s proficiency and workaholism keeps us humming around here and just knowing he’s around keeps us sleeping well! while running a castle. Sometimes, we don’t even know something is wrong before it is already fixed – he is just that good. You might find him ‘tasting time’ on a hot summer day paddling around the pond on his back like an otter, or teeing up on the wedding field to drive a golf ball into bliss. Working from sunrise to, ummm…sunrise (he loves to work), he is up and at ’em (yup, no drugs!) 24/7 to watch over the place and be ready for every mechanical, electrical, functional or otherwise “honey do” that comes with running a castle!


"Courteous” Caroline

Yoga-poseWhile loyal and care-free Caroline is mostly behind the scenes crunching numbers and running budgets, her ornery and quick wit are always a welcome additive to room full of Talus Rock Retreat guests. She claims to like being out of the public eye, but we know better. She lights up a room upon entering and seems to have an extra special affinity for cops, birds and kids. No joke! She was Mark Fuhrman’s ex-wife of 12 years, has 5 kids and you might even hear her pet parakeet, “Kiki Lemondrop” screech from the Talus Rock Retreat office.