Welcome: Matsiko World Orphan Choir!

Talus Rock Retreat loves the Matsiko World Orphan Choir!

Talus Rock Retreat welcomed the Matsiko World Orphan Choir back to Sandpoint for their fourth year as they finalized their 2013 United States Tour. The colorful and vibrantly clad choir, comprised of 16 children from the the Andes Mountains of Peru and the bush villages of Liberia, provides hope and inspiration to all who witness their fabulous performance.

The Matsiko World Orphan Choir is the flagship vehicle of International Children’s Network (ICN); the organization which is fuel to the fire in our hearts here at Talus Rock Retreat. ICN is one of the primary organizations that benefits from your stay here.  I was especially delighted to finally see the children perform since their auditions nearly a year ago in their homelands.

International Children’s Network seeks to provide educational sponsorship to some of the world’s 600-million orphaned and at-risk children – a sponsorship that offers education through their nation’s highest university or vocational levels.

It is hoped that by educating the orphaned and at-risk child, this once-forgotten child will be on equal footing with their nation’s most privileged children and will eventually return to their villages to help other destitute children. This strategy will thereby break the cycle of poverty, utter dependency and despair. With this effort, poverty is replaced with empowerment and hope.

Matsiko” is the Ugandan word for “hope”, a word that embodies both the children and the songs that they sing. Much more than beautiful harmonies, the talented choir shares cultural dances, act out dramas, and perform original and authentic dance and drum routines. Talus Rock Retreat and many other local families were honored to be able to host this fabulous team!

Consider sponsoring a child and/or participating in one of ICN’s annual service trips (and even meet your sponsored child..how cool is that?!)

ICN is always planning the next trip to India, Peru, Uganda, Liberia, Nepal, or the Philippines. In fact, Selkirk (our 15-year-old-son) and I will be accompanying ICN Founders, Don and Jennie Windham, (and their 19-year-old son, Sam) as we depart in November for an egregious three week scouting tour to Nepal, India, Philippines and Liberia, where we’ll begin auditioning children for the 2014 choir. C’mon! Let’s go!

Be sure to check out International Children’s Network for more information.