Pet-Friendly Accommodations

  • Pending availability, there will be $20 per night/per pet (paws) fee and $40 per night per large animal. Please call 208.255-8458 for details.

  • Up to 2 pets are permitted per room in travelling kennels and pet beds. For the courtesy of our other guests, we insist any barking, whining, chewing or scratching pets remain at home.

  • Please, for respect for our future highly allergic guests, pets are positively/absolutely not permitted on furniture or beds (even with personal blanket coverings) and must be in a travelling kennel when left at Talus Rock Retreat unattended.

  • Pets must remain in your room or be leashed in the house or on Talus Rock Retreat property due to tame livestock and wildlife surrounding Talus Rock Retreat.

  • If a guest’s pet arrives at Talus Rock Retreat without prior authorization, we reserve our right of refusal and this may cause you disruption or result in the total or partial loss of your security deposit.

  • Please note, as some guests are allergic and sensitive to cats, we do not invite cats into the house, however, we would be pleased to arrange an overnight stay at a local pet lodge or accommodations outside of Talus Rock Retreat.