We love pets!

Our pets know the rules of the bed & breakfast: no barking, whining, jumping, scratching, biting or inappropriate sniffing will be tolerated (or back to the pound with ya!) In other words, anything less than perfect, well-mannered obedience will do around here.  AND, no matter what, the cute factor is part of all pet charm here at Talus Rock Retreat!


Aptly named (just look at her face), meet Panda! She is our wonderful border collie wire-haired terrier mix. The queen ice-breaker of Talus Rock Retreat was trained by the late “Talus”, her best friend and Retreat namesake blue heeler. You can usually find Panda lounging on the front stairs propping up the beam or sleeping with her nose between the iron rails looking over the Great Room. She is the fluffiest of our furry four-legged friends and that’s one of the reasons why we love her so much! Not only is she a good cuddle buddy ready to greet you on her back with a “Welcome home” position and a dog smile, but she’s a strong and independent lady setting a great and respectful example for the other pups. She’s got a big heart, a beautiful soul, lovely eyes, and an extremely kind, gentle and calm demeanor.


A fiery, rascal of a mini Australian shepherd, Fiddle (full name “Francis Sinatra Fiddle McButterpants) loves the attention of our revolving door of daily guests. Wooing young and old with her wiggly tail end while batting her most notable asset (those stunning ice blue eyes), she is a people magnet. But all cuteness aside, don’t let this little blue-eyed beauty fool you…she is a high profile trouble maker known to take the stuffing out of a few of our home-grown chickens. Not much bigger than them, she only means to play but beware! There’s no telling when she’ll strike next!


Currently, we haven’t named these lovely egg-laying breakfast blessings but are certainly open to suggestions! Our chickens live a lovely existence: every morning they roam around their coop and converse about their last night’s dreams over breakfast of organic feed. In the afternoon, the hens enjoy a bug-eating busy stroll around the property for at least 3 hours rain or shine. In the late afternoon, they convene back in their humble abode bawking and chittering about their Talus Rock daily adventures. From what we can tell, it’s quite a lively conversation and whatever they are doing, it’s working. Their eggs are fabulous!