Seek and Sing (Scavenger Hunt and Karaoke)


$19 per person, (minimum 10 people)
Explore downtown with this creative activity-based scavenger hunt! Gather your team, meet at Talus Rock to receive instructions, and then it’s off for short afternoon of treasure hunting, where you’ll get a taste of local sweets and experience some of the best downtown Sandpoint attractions!
After you’ve completed the Hunt, head back to Talus Rock Retreat to kick off a night of karaoke! Finally, a chance to bring that voice out of the shower and into the limelight.
What could be better activity for team bonding, a birthday party, family gathering, or bachelorette party?

What to know

  • The Scavenger Hunt begins and ends at the ‘Free Parking’ city lot in the center of town
  • Once downtown, no vehicle is necessary as the entire hunt can be completed on foot (and more time to ‘sip’!)
  • Includes karaoke machine, microphone, and a 350 CD song collection
  • Karaoke takes place in the Nooma Escape (

Perfect for a bridal party or a group of friends and family!

“I have been called the human jukebox, yes. But karaoke is not meant for people who can sing!”

~ Carrie Underwood

*All only one mile from downtown Sandpoint!
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