Treat yourself to a pampering session with the luxury of not having to leave Talus Rock Retreat!

We’re a full service facility and feel that your stay here is a divine appointment; therefore, we do our absolute best to treat it like one! If you can think of it, we’ll do what we can to provide it. Finally, if you don’t find what you’re looking for below, call us to see how we can work together to make it happen. We love providing positive and uplifting surprises for others!


For single night stays, morning treatments are offered at 9:00 am or 10:00 am; evening treatments are offered at  5:00 pm and 6:00 pm. Customized times can be coordinated for stays 2 nights or more. Specify your preferred time when booking.

Side-by-Side Couple’s Massage: $195/couple (60 minutes) 

60 minutes: Relax together while enjoying a Swedish, Sports, Healing, or Deep tissue massage for a fabulously luxurious and bonding experience. For each guest, this divine, 60-minute romantic treatment for two includes wonderful oils, lovely linens, beautiful relaxing music to set the tone, and a 15-minute reflexology foot massage as part of the heavenly full body massage.

Swedish, Sports, Healing, or Deep Tissue Deluxe Massage: $85/person (60 minutes)

Healing massage includes a technique which is a combination of deep tissue, core synchronism, polarity therapy, acupressure, myofacial, and reflexology, combined with stretching and movement to arrive at a state of relaxation and healing. A sacred space is created using music culminating in a wonderful heavenly experience to help ease the mind and body.

Reflexology Salt-Scrub Treatment: $65/person (30 minutes)

30 minutes: Enjoy the soothing and relaxing exfoliation of your hands and feet by using a combination of mineral sea salts and dried wildflowers, then cleansed with soft warm towels. Pressure is applied to points on hands and feet that correspond with every organ assisting in centering, cleansing and rejuvenation of your entire body.

If time or budget is a concern, we can arrange for shorter treatment times on certain indulgences. Please give us 48 hours notice when canceling appointments or be subject to a charge of 50% of your treatment cost. Gratuity is as paid directly to the provider and is at your discretion.

Manicures & Pedicures

Treat yourself to a well-deserved manicure, pedicure, or both!  Each treatment begins with a refreshing foot and/or hand soak,  foot, leg and/or arm massage,  nail shaping, and your choice of polish.

Basic Manicure
Everything you need to put your best hand forward. This classic nail treatment will shape, buff, and gloss your nails to perfection. Our Talus Rock Retreat nail experience is luxurious from start to finish to be enjoyed in an unconventional setting (in your room, in the Great Room by the fireplace, or outside by the waterfall). Enjoy a soak, followed by an exfoliating scrub, a relaxing and moisturizing massage and a fresh coat of polish that will leave your fingers in top condition. 45 min/$40

Basic Pedicure
A soak revives feet, then a brief exfoliation reveals soft skin. We’ll baby your legs and feet to relieve that heavy and tired sensation. Nails are shaped and cuticles pushed back. Polish and a massage using a deep hydrating lotion finishes this pedicure to make pretty feet. 45 min/$55

Mani/Pedi Combo
Less is not always more, so take some time out from for a revitalizing hand to toe full relaxation treatment. Your hands and feet will be cleansed and your cuticles cured with a soothing massage to boot! When your treatment is complete, you’ll float out the door relaxed and with beautiful finished finger and toenails. 90 min/$80


Seasonal Bouquet:  $40 Surprise that special someone with a stunning bouquet of seasonal flowers, presented in a take-home glass vase, by our favorite local florist.

Roses:  $60 Say it with roses! Treat that special someone to a dozen beautiful roses presented in a take-home glass vase.

Romance Upgrade Platinum: $140
Delight your one-and-only with a bottle of chilled champagne, a dozen beautiful roses in a one-of-a-kind glass vase (it’s yours for the keeping), a trail of Hershey kisses leading to your bed and LED candles to light the way. We make this package complete with a deluxe box of decadent chocolates!
*Please specify if you’d prefer 2 bottles of Sparkling Cider (or Sparkling water) as a champagne substitute.
Romance Upgrade Gold: $125
Surprise your special someone with a bottle of chilled bubbly champagne, a dozen beautiful red roses in a lovely take-home glass vase, and a trail of delectable Hershey chocolate kisses leading to your bedroom!
Romance Upgrade Silver: $95
Present your special someone with bottle of chilled champagne*, a few roses (or seasonal bouquet) in a beautiful take-home glass vase and a small box of chocolates and some LED lit candles to set the mood of love.

Cheese, Cracker, & Fruit Plate: $70 Impress your special someone and tantalize your taste buds with Talus Rock Retreat’s ready-to-eat Cheese, Cracker, and Fruit Plate. This fresh offering includes an assortment of delicious in-season fruits,  ripe cheeses, crispy crackers, and fresh baguette.

Cheese, Cracker, & Fruit Plate Plus:  $90  Have it all! This wonderful offering includes an assortment of delicious in-season fruits,  ripe cheeses, crispy crackers, a fresh baguette, and a bottle of bubbly champagne or wine. (Please specify champagne, red wine, white wine, huckleberry blush, or sparkling cider as your preferred beverage choice.)

Haagen Dazs Ice Cream Sundae or Peach Sorbet Delight: $10 This rich treat is also known as “Heather’s Haagen Dazs Heaven!” Reward yourself with 3 delectable scoops of creamy Haagen Dazs Chocolate ice cream or Vanilla Swiss Almond, chocolate fudge topping, caramel topping, whip cream, chocolate sprinkles, and a cherry on top! (Also Available with Haagen Dazs Vanilla Swiss Almond. For the health-conscious, calorie counters, and/or those with dietary restrictions, enjoy 3 scoops of refreshing Haagen Dazs Orchard Peach sorbet accompanied with 2 delicious chocolate pirouettes. We’ll deliver this fabulous treat to your room whenever you are ready!


Breakfast: Your stay includes continental breakfast which includes your choice of yogurt, fresh fruit, bagels, muffins, juices, coffee, tea and granola.  Breakfast is available at the Retreat from 8am-10am or, pending room, is pre-stocked in your mini-kitchen space.

Breakfast Burrito Upgrade These breakfast burritos are so big, you’ll need 2 hands to hold ’em!  Hand-rolled, lightly grilled, soft flour tortillas, these belly fillers are “the real McCoy.” Made by a wonderful local Mexican Family, the yummy tortillas are lovingly filled with fresh ingredients ranging from  chorizo, tofu, bacon, sausage, eggs, salsa, cilantro, and so much more!

Hot Breakfast Upgrade: Heather’s Burrito: $12
Two medium fried eggs, crispy home-grown bacon, oven crisped potatoes, fresh salsa, and light ketchup. A breakfast burrito so big, you’ll need two hands to hold it! Lightly grilled, soft flour tortillas, this Mexican delight is a house favorite!

Hot Breakfast Upgrade: Egg & Potato Burrito  $12
Scrumptious fresh scrambled eggs, seasoned potatoes, shredded jack and cheddar cheese, and fresh salsa. (Delicious for vegetarians!) A breakfast burrito so big, you’ll need two hands to hold it!  Lightly grilled, soft flour tortillas, this belly filler is scrumpdillyicious!

Hot Breakfast Upgrade: Tofu Chorizo Burrito $12
Chorizo seasoned tofu, a scrambled egg, fresh salsa, cilantro, cool sour cream, jack cheese, and diced onion. A breakfast burrito so big, you’ll need two hands to hold it! Lightly grilled, soft flour tortillas, this tofu combination is a winner! * Delicious for vegetarians

Smoothies, espressos, lattes, teas, and milkshakes are also available at $6/order

Breakfast Beverage: Hot Chocolate $6
Ride a cloud of cocoa delirium! Chocolate at anytime is a great time, so indulge in a morning delight of creamy velvety smooth 16 oz. cup of hot chocolate and fall off your chair with joy!
Hot Chocolate: Steamed milk & chocolate

Breakfast Beverage: Mocha $6
It’s the perfect blend of delectable strong coffee and chocolatey hot cocoa when you want it juuuussttt right! Steamy and warm, this blend is a favorite morning indulgence as an alternative to straight up coffee; an espresso drink with steamed milk, foam, and chocolate syrup and a dollop of whipped cream.
Get your mocha on!
Mocha: Steamed milk, espresso, chocolate sauce, whipped cream

Breakfast Beverage: Cafe Latte  $6
The cafe latte is one of the most popular coffees, and this espresso based pleasure perfectly pairs mouth-watering flavors of deep-roasted espresso and freshly steamed milk for a fantastic morning indulgence to kick your day into high gear!
Latte: Steamed milk and espresso (request foam)

Breakfast Beverage: Smoothie (Banana or Strawberry)  $6
Some like it healthy! Treat yourself to a refreshing and delicious 16oz, yogurt-based silky smooth good-for-‘ya smoothie. With this natural banana kick-start, you’ll be ready to take on your day with a kick in your step!

Dinner:  Many guests simply don’t want to leave peaceful Talus Rock Retreat. To accommodate , we’ve compiled a fabulous mid to high-end menu from appetizers to desserts from a local gourmet restaurant. Simply place your order and we’ll deliver it!  For an additional fee and an advance notice, we can provide indoor or outdoor first-class romantic table-side service for 2-10 guests. Please see our own in-house menu for options



Consider doing a photo shoot here to remember your special occasion (or knock out you holiday cards!). Options start at $95.  Please contact us at 208.255.8458 for details.

Shuttle Service

What happens at Talus Rock Retreat, stays at Talus Rock Retreat! We’d be happy to provide you with shuttle service in and around town or to the airport (with advance notice).  Just let us know.


Hire a Licensed Guide:  $350-$450/per day (Equipment is provided.)

Let the professionals take you fishing in Idaho or Montana waters while you glean fishing tips from the best! Learn the ins and outs of casting and fly fishing basics from a local and licensed experts. Whether you’re completely new to the sport, or need to brush up on your fly fishing skills, let our area fishing guides help you catch a winning fish next time you hit the fresh waters. Being out there day in and day out, they know all the hot spots.

Group Fishing Charter: $475/day (1- 6 guests on 74 ft. boat)  or $400/day (1-2 guests on 20 ft. boat)  

Whether you prefer touring, fishing, or a scenic cruise, experiencing a day on Lake Pend Oreille is a must do.  Charter a truly exciting and unforgettable experience as our guide is a fully licensed and current Coast Guard Captain. Enjoy a spectacular day of fishing on stunning Lake Pend Oreille and get ready to catch some record fish from pristine waters. No guarantees on catching the big one, but a day on the lake spent tryin’ is sure to be terrific!

Fly Fishing (or bait fishing) with a friend: Our fishing friends work strictly on good karma.

We have friends who simply love to fish.  Since you will not be “guided” (that is illegal without a license), rather “hauled”, and our fishin’ fanatic friends can’t take money for anything except for gas, lunch and licenses, our avid ‘passionate, in-the-know, friendly die-hard fishermen’ will joyfully take you out with no strings attached. In our experience with this option, we have yet to have a guest not be so unequivocally delighted with their day, they seek to offer some sort of tangible show of gratitude and leave Talus Rock Retreat a generous financial show of gratitude for the setup and facilitation of the awesome fishing expedition. Our fisherguests rest knowing tangible good karma eventually makes its way where it is well-deserved. In choosing this option, please specify either the 3-hour drive into Montana’s Thompson River for a very long, scenic, outstanding day of fishing great trout waters, or local fly fishing on flat water for bass with a boat. Fly fishermen must rent or bring their own gear and waders.

About Lake Pend Orielle:  Lake Pend Orielle has over 40 miles of fishable water, a surface area of 148 square miles, and is the fifth deepest lake in the United States.

Biking: Peddle for a Purpose.

Leave some loot for maintenance and missions. Borrow a bike and leave a buck (or a Benjamin!). Your donation will be used to keep our bike’s in good working condition, but more importantly, to provide some support for the orphans overseas with whom we work. 

With Downtown Sandpoint less than 2 miles from Talus Rock Retreat, there’s nothing better on a gorgeous summer day than to bike around Sandpoint and to see everything this town has to offer. Per our insurance, renting or leasing bicycles is not an option.  However, borrowing is fair game, and we share our bikes with any guest who wants to borrow them. If you’re curious as to what guests have donated in the past–well, anywhere from $1-$500! (umm..we suppose that doesn’t help). But fwiw, you can rent scraps downtown for $10/afternoon. (We encourage the use of helmets and have them available as well.) Just ask!


Take advantage of Talus Rock Retreat’s Golf Special at the fabulous Idaho Club featuring the world-famous Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course. (May 26th-October 15th)

$85/person/day (Note: regular non-resident rate  is normally $125/person/day) 18 holes and Use of Golf Cart

(About the Course:  Jack Nicklaus has created a stunning design that masterfully blends in the natural setting of wetlands, forest and meandering waterways.  With an abundance of water the course is as beautiful as it is challenging.  Playing as a 7089 yard par 71 from the Gold tees, it is true test for the accomplished player.  For the more casual golfer, the Blue Tees measure 6560 and there also is a Combo set that can be enjoyed as well.  Women and Junior players are an important part of The Idaho Club culture as well and we even feature a Junior set of tees where the younger golfers can play along with Dad or Mom from a distance commensurate to their ability.)

*Appropriate golf attire is required.  Please no jeans, short shorts, or non-collared shirts and no outside alcoholic beverages.  A tee time is required; please call Talus Rock Retreat for further detail and booking information.

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of a stay at Talus Rock Retreat! Whether you buy that special someone a weekend in your favorite room, or purchase a certain amount towards a stay, this option is the perfect gift for a special occasion, romantic getaway, or that wonderful boss or in-law that has everything. Gift certificates are transferrable and good from 1 year from date of issue.