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Talus Rock Retreat provides a shoot location for facilitating an unrivaled level of creativity and freedom of expression.

By breaking out of the cold confines of a photography studio, photographers and creatives alike are presented with a whole new world of possibilities to explore

Drone video created by Jon Holden   [Password is talus]

Talus Rock's Unique Attributes

Extraordinarily different from other options, this picturesque backdrop, interior & exterior textures and peaceful ambiance is much more than a set; we offer the following unique attributes:

Explore the Area

All within a 3 mile radius, discover the high points of interest within our fabulous location


USA Today recently named our beautiful nostalgic town “10 Picture Perfect Beautiful Towns”…and Talus Rock Retreat was named “The place to stay!” Norman Rockwell meets Ansel Adams in this picturesque small Northwest town.

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Schweitzer Mtn

 Ranked #1 in the nation for best tree skiing and Idaho’s best kept secret, Schweitzer Mountain is elevated at 6,400 ft and boasts 2 full-service lodges and 92 runs, 7 chairlifts and 2 quads. See all the way to Canada and Montana from the top!

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Lake Pend Oreille

Lake Pend Oreille: Over 40 miles long and 1,000 feet deep, this “Pendant of the Ear” has record trout (up to 45 lbs!) and plays host to all lake activities to enhance any summertime shoot.

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Bird Museum

Dr. Forrest Bird, inventor of the Bird Respirator and oxygen mask, was giving awards by both Presidents Bush and Obama for his contributions to the world. Check out his fabulous museum of inventors & inventions (from the toothpick to the Cabbage Patch doll) and WWII memorabilia with over 18 planes. Einstein is alive and in our backyard (and at 92 is the oldest active helicopter pilot in North America!)

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Find glacier lakes tucked within the easily accessible hiking trails.

Surrounded by state and national forestlands in the Selkirk, Cabinet and Bitterroot mountain ranges, the Sandpoint area has countless roads and trails for hikers and mountain bikers. Listed below are five good hikes or rides on singletrack and jeep trails, but many more exist.


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