Sustainability Committment

Since we’re a luxury lodging villa that is akin to a bed & breakfast, we strive to ensure that our ‘breakfast’ rivals in the same excellence to that of our ‘bed’!

All ingredients used to create your delectable Talus Rock Retreat morning buffet come from as close to home and the earth as possible. For those ‘extras’ that we’re unable to grow and harvest, we purchase from our local farmers, artisans, growers and cottage industry kitchens. We prepare your morning delight right here in our kitchen by our resident most passionate culinarian, Brian, whose love for cooking and sharing can be tasted in every bite. 

Here at Talus Rock Retreat, we place a high value on being gentle on the earth. With an emphasis on ecological improvement, we seek to be as self-sustaining as possible and work in sync with Mother Nature; we currently have 23 laying hens, a small garden (80 ft x 30 ft) and a small greenhouse (15 ft x 10 ft). Come experience our home grown tomatoes, spinach, lettuce, strawberries, and zucchini — often all or part of your breakfast. We squeeze our everyday for golden-yolked eggs! Whatever we can’t grow ourselves, we do our very best to buy local. 

We recycle, we compost, we reuse. We love our earth. We love our guests.We hope you’ll join us soon for the most important meal of the day and come to experience a great reprieve at Talus Rock Retreat!