Panda and Gigi          Panda and Gigi Night

Panda has a crush!

Panda, resident hound and character, has a crush! Many times this summer, concerned guests came to me asking if Panda was stalking and about to get into trouble with the chickens (as most K9s undoubtedly would!). Knowing her temperament, I assured guests that the chickens were in no real danger; we watched Panda interact with the small  flock of Talus Rock Retreat chickens. The discovery that has unfurled is an unusual, amusing, and slightly awkward romance. Panda has undeniably developed an obsession with a robust little chicken named “Gigi”. For hours at a time, Panda herds, stalks, follows, army crawls, sniffs, nuzzles and berates Gigi with her attention for hours. Our cupid struck resident hound seems to completely ignore the rest of the unassumingly unattractive Guinean fowl, Bantams and other Barred Rocks.

Whatever charm Gigi possesses, she truly captivates Panda while feigning the cold shoulder, a coquettish indifference, and hard-to-get playfulness. Through our stalwart, Panda, the love continues to shine true. And although her heart and nose remain constantly only inches from Gigi, our little black chicken still remains our top egg layer for Talus Rock Retreat!

The consensus and conclusion is that love, a little romance, and an admiring heart, make everybody not only happy but productive as well!