A most magical and elegant wedding took place on August 11th of this year–a picturesque storybook scene for the marriage of locals Jaimie and Ben Erickson. The stage was set with Talus Rock Retreat’s backdrop of castle-stone and abundant gardens in full bloom topped off with a horse-drawn carriage to take the newlyweds away. I had the honor of marrying them and choked up at the small and simple intimate gathering of 25 guests comprised of friends and family. The auspicious occasion was nothing short of enchanting. With the hanging globe lanterns, twinkle lit patio and candles set to illuminate the waterfall backdrop, Ben and Jaimie exchanged vows under a flower-graced awning on a perfect Sandpoint evening. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Erickson!

But just to make sure that we remember God has a sense of humor, not all the guests departed without a hitch. Sandpoint might be the only place you would find 2 Jeeps with 7B license plates unlocked with keys in the ignition. At approximately 3:40 am, I heard my Jeep leave the parking lot (evidenced by the telling rattle and our dog, Panda’s high alert of familiar family vehicles coming and going). Assuming it was our 15-year-old son, Selkirk, sneaking out, I picked up the phone and left him a one breath heated message of  “Where-in-the-world-do-you-think-you-are-going-at-3:30-in-the morning-and-why-aren’t-you-answering-the-phone-we’ll-talk-about-this-later-you’re-in-biiigggg-trouble-young-man!”


All smiles with the returned, beaten down Jeep.

Pictured left to right:  Lauren, Ben, and Callie.  All felon smiles with the returned Pedersen mobile.

At 7:30, I hear the scurry of voices and the familiar rattle of the Jeep returning to it’s parking space. Loaded for bear, I bust out of the door ready to let ‘em have it, only to be met by 3 unfamiliar faces. They quickly begin to profusely apologize. I put together the pieces immediately and we laughed at the irony. It was only when the vehicle overheated and in morning light they noticed that the jeep was actually white (not silver), when they finally realized they grabbed the wrong car. It’s funny they didn’t question the Sandpoint High School 2013 graduation tassel dangling back and forth from the rear-view mirror during for the hour and a half drive to Spokane Airport, and the car was a manual rather than an automatic. Don’t fret, Ben, Lauren and Callie; what’s ours is yours. We promise not to press Grand Theft Auto charges – and thanks for the full tank of gas, antifreeze, and repairs to our car;  that was extremely generous of you!