While winter has arrived, we can’t seem to forget some special sumer kiddos.  As you anticipate the upcoming Holidays, journey back with us and enjoy a Talus Rock Retreat ‘summer super kids’ recap:

Panda loves Gigi (maybe too much!)

Another day in Talus Rock Retreat’s Le Office means paperwork, ringing phones, reservations and other often tedious but necessary details, and while we love our work, the daily routine can occasionally become a bit monotonous–especially in the craziness of summer!  However, this summer, we were joyfully surprised by guests’ children blessing us with childlike whimsy.

How can we forget the Wiemer Family Reunion with their several chefs in training? The nine cousins (dubbed “Kitchen Kiddos”) tried their precious little hands at creating a very unique and satisfying menu of snacks for us to sample. From fresh blueberries and bananas caked in cinnamon and goo (not sure, didn’t ask),  to torn pieces of wheat bread sprinkled with dry oats with a smorgasbord side of dry goldfish crackers and popcorn doused in foreign spices (I think they found my stash), our mouths watered with joyful anticipation (ummm, ok..hesitation). And the more we glowed with appreciation, the more these fascinating appetizers attached to tiny hands made their way to our office. The kids’ excited spirits and smiling faces made nothing short of a morning to remember!

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We also enjoyed the afternoon of crafty soap-making with 6-year-old, Cheyenne Thompson. This spitfire dynamo is one clean little girl after blending, scooping, mixing and eventually pouring the “soap batter” mixed with dried flowers into heart-shaped molds for family gifts. Despite wearing more soap than she made, she obviously still needed a bath when she finished her creations.

And the big rock of  Talus Rock Retreat attracted the attention from teens and climbing buddies Kipling Pedersen (yes, he is our 18-year-old son) and Dakota Blaisy who tried their skills at free-climbing the face of the giant glacier remnant. It should be noted that one of them (as a proud parent, I won’t mention which one) was successful in staying dry during the entire scaling expedition.

Are you my mother?

Are you my mother?

And finally, the youngest peanut to grace our doorstep this past summer is 9-month-old “Sweet Baby Claire”. We are not sure who liked Claire the best – the staff at Talus Rock Retreat, Gigi the chicken, or Panda – but we sure loved watching the interaction of childlike wonder between guests and pets.

We are always grateful for these special moments when our guests, no matter what age, bless us with their own talents and reciprocate appreciation; it fills Talus Rock Retreat with that beautiful human experience that we love so much.

Now that we’ve teased you with fond memories of sunshine, summer heat, grass between your toes, summer nibbles, and barbeques, it’s time to snap back into reality, don your down jacket, brave the winter cold, and come visit us here for a winter fireside cuddle-up getaway!