There are certainly cocks among the hens at Talus Rock Retreat, but this blog is dedicated solely to the fun and sassy chicks that run this roost. The flock, comprised of professional glad-handers and hearts wired for hospitality, offers guests more than a comfortable place to sleep; this teams strive to provide a unique experience by focusing on the details. They work toward one goal…that Talus Rock Retreat’s guests leave thinking, “Wow, that was a really cool stay!”

It takes a great team to deliver extraordinary service and customer care. Come and meet the fabulous females that work behind the scenes at Talus Rock Retreat:

Heather Heather-pjs

“Happy-t’host-you” Heather: Possessing the passion and executing the vision behind Talus Rock Retreat, Heather absolutely loves stewarding the villa that she calls home. And it shows. From giving welcoming hugs at the front door to entertaining deep discussions about developing-world issues, her diversified life experiences and extensive travel make her an interesting conversationalist with a wonderful gift of hospitality. Quick to offer you a cup of Indian tea or help carry your bags to your room, Heather is a most gracious steward of Talus Rock Retreat. (And she loves her Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Swiss Almond ice-cream!)

Rebek3Rebekah2“Red”y Rebekah: As Staff and Operations Manager, fiery and spicy redheaded Rebekah is Heather’s right and left hand. She gets the thumbs-up for her joyful attitude and possesses a happy-go-lucky spirit which we all admire. Her ‘can-do’ attitude and gracious demeanor, combined with her classy presence, sets the stage for Talus Rock Retreat. You wouldn’t know it to look at her, but Rebekah has an insatiable appetite for dark chocolate;  if you want to knock her socks off, now you know what to bring. (Fortunately, for all of us, she shares!)

Elsa and Panda Elsa

“Eloquent” Elsa: Not only is this “Katy Perry-meets-Gidget” beauty a fun and whimsical presence here at Talus Rock Retreat, but Elsa is joyful and constantly smiling. This young lady has the kindest and most gentle demeanor of all of us and makes guests feel unequivocally welcome. She is a true princess and nothing nicks her good spirits. Elsa specializes in baking, mani-pedicures, making roaring fires, and can be caught sneaking Otter pops from the freezer (her only vice). Beware! Keep babies away from Elsa; she loves them so much, she just might take yours home!


bo“Blizzard” Bo: No wall flower, Bo is a magnet at organizing people and events. ThisBo2 vivacious bundle of energy pulls together all the details for our Talus Rock Retreat gatherings, weddings, and corporate events. From ensuring that there is enough ice, to coordinating the horse-drawn carriages with Chinese lantern light-offs at sunset, Bo rises and shines! When others might melt down in the heat of production, Bo’s keeps her cool, fully embracing the occasional left-base challenge with grace and glamour while keeping our event-guests worry-free. When not ordering chaos, Bo is a fit and fabulous gymnastics and circus training coach and absolutely delights in her red wine!

patti2me-cheyenne“Perspicacious” Patti:  An observant, perceptive and wise sage, Patti ‘nails it’ when it comes to creating all of our graphic art work from brochures to ads to special web offerings. Predominantly a graphic designer, her diversified background working as a ship’s galley maid, PR agent, photographer, medical illustrator, horse whisper, mother to 2 incredible sons, and a ranch hand combined with her insightful and sixth-sense intuitiveness helps us to put our best face “out there”. (And if you are wondering what “Perspicacious” means, Webster defines it is “having a ready insight into and understanding of things.” And that sums up our Patti!)



michelle3“Mother'” Michelle: Yes, indeed! She is “Head Mother” (and Flying Cleaning Fairy) spending most days gardening, cooking, cleaning, and keeping Talus Rock Retreat sparkly shiny from top to bottom. It’s easy to shrink from the challenge of spotlessly cleaning this large and busy villa, but this Mama embraces her demanding role with smile on her face and a song in her heart. Michelle is an absolute delight while serving up her ‘Blessing Tea’ to guests and staff alike. Mother to 5 of her own kids, she is born to mother and does a great job here mothering us all.



“Calculating” Caroline: While loyal and care-free Caroline is mostly behind the scenes crunching numbers and running budgets, her ornery and quick wit are always a welcome additive to room full of Talus Rock Retreat guests. She claims to like being out of the public eye, but we know better. She lights up a room upon entering and seems to have an extra special affinity for birds and kids. No joke! Mother of 5 kids and you might even hear her bright yellow pet parakeet, “Kiki Lemon drop” screech from the Talus Rock Retreat office. (Oh, and she hates the camera!).


IMG_0221“Perfect” Panda: Yep, ‘perfect’ she is! The quintessential heavenly hound, Panda is the ice-breaker extraordinaire, and guests can’t seem to ignore her cute, scruffy face with her hair dangling in her eyes. Before Panda beckons to show you to your digs, she is not one to leave your side if shown a little love; you will find her patiently waiting – belly up – for a satisfying tummy scratch. Don’t get too attached though – like many fickle females, she’s moved on to the next guest as soon as your back is turned. Sometimes you can just see it her little eyes: “Soooo many guests, soooo little time…”

But she loves every one of them…Just like we do.

Come visit the flock behind the Rock! We’re all waiting for you!