In our garden nestled right between the ponds are three stone wedding steps. During Talus Rock’s construction days, these steps were thoughtfully and lovingly designed by Heather Pedersen. In the finishing stages she worked quietly alongside a deaf friend, and those hours of silence gave Heather time for introspection:

“I made it my challenge to puzzle together the last fifteen pieces of rock from the project. The result? A great wedding step story. There are three sections to the wedding steps:

The first section is made of two “halved” long vertical stone slabs laid side-by-side to form a slight platform-path. This unusual configuration was created to symbolize the last walk of a father and his daughter together before giving her away to “leave and cleave” to her husband. The subsequent thick and wide horizontal single step (the second section) represents “solid ground” and the unity of marriage. The final and third section preceding the wedding field is an oversized platform composed of 11 varied size stones knitted together like a somewhat uniform puzzle. The stones signify life’s difficulties and the composite created represents the individual growth achieved by each person creating a wonderful fabric of life together; this presentation exemplifies that the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. Specifically, 1 and 1 make 2, but it can also make 11. The brown stone to the left represents ‘baggage left behind.’

Finally, as the beautiful bride walks onto the wedding field, there are no boundaries or fences, only an endless natural view as far as the eye can see. This wedding field represents life together, and, for me, God’s plan – a mystery of endless possibilities and choices.

The sanctity of marriage is a covenant before God and a commitment to grow together in love, peace and harmony with the main purpose of sharing a beautiful life together. Our family loves watching fathers and brides walk these steps! “

~ Heather Pedersen


Everyone at Talus Rock Retreat is honored when couples choose to book with us for their wedding celebration. It is always a fun-filled and magical time. I couldn’t resist sharing a selection of further pics from past weddings. So grab a coffee, sit back, and scroll on down.

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Pssssst… Our very own Heather is licensed to marry in the state of Idaho! –>


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