TR_Spring_2012_Exterior_0015What was here before you built?

Only a humongous rock amidst acres of hundreds of cedar, aspen, and cottonwood trees (spaced no more than 2 feet apart) covered this very wet land before we constructed Talus Rock Retreat. It took almost 9 years to aggregate 5 separate parcels to form the estate. The rock became the anchor for the man-made pond, and together both emerged as the focal point around which the building site was determined.

We spent a full year scouring topography maps to determine the perfect building spot.

Considered to be somewhat mild tree huggers, we pioneered a trail and rented a bucket truck to see above the trees before beginning the clearcut for a view corridor. We started at the rock and worked from there – digging the pond, harnessing the water, and staking the house in such a position to capture the fabulous view of the Cabinet Mountains.

Why the name, “Talus Rock Retreat”?

When we purchased the land, we had several real estate projects and rentals. For reference, we’d name them according to their location, a residing tenant, or an obvious property attribute. Properties became known as The Larch House, Pine Place, The Littlefield House, Mountain Shadow, etc.  When drumming up the big rock project, our old dog, Talus, just happened to be in our immediate line of sight. Logic might have you asking why, then, not the name, Dog Rock, but that just sounded as, if not more stupid than other most logical name, Big Rock.Talus-Dog-Old

Rehashing the options, Voila! Talus Rock was coined and subsequently inked on the working folder.

When we finally moved in 4 years later, despite brainstorming other options including God’s Window, Syringa Springs, and Rock Ranch, the working name seemed too ingrained, personal, and familiar to change it. We later added the word “Retreat” to best sum up our intent.TR_Spring_2012_Exterior_0003