Castle Wall: View from the Dining Room

“The castle-like finish on the angled corner you see in the kitchen was an attempt by the architect and me to make the outside appear to be inside; observing from the outside, the interior castle-like wall continues with an invisible transition mimicking what might be the original foundation of an old house. I purposely used the exterior texture on the wall to bring theme and flavor of the outside skin to the inside.

Locating the perfect door to match this unique window to complete the indoor look was difficult. The window was bought locally from Foster’s Crossing Antique Mall but originally came from Jaipur, Rajasthan India. In the early 1900s, Indian women were forced to stay behind these barred windows and watch the processions and activities on the streets below.  Unfortunately, my 6’1” hubby claimed the 5‘6” doors were far too short, ‘and were made for little Indian people,’ he said.  I bought the door anyway and, on an inspired whim, went to the iron scrap yard in search of an old rusty slab.


Rajasthani Window in the Castle Wall


Castle Wall Texture

Builder Seth Burnett seamlessly integrated the pieces by “borrowing parts and pieces” from the existing door then grinding and affixing the slabs to the iron bases extending them flush to the floor. You might never have noticed this detail if I didn’t tell you (and Bruce doesn’t have to duck when entering the room).” ~ Heather Pedersen