IMG_8488 It seems like everything around Talus Rock Retreat has a story, and we thought it’d be fun to share some of them with you. Therefore, we’ll be featuring a piece of ‘this and that’ to share these fun back stories and behind-the-scenes details of Talus Rock Retreat.

Today I’m going to start with one of my favorite features at Talus Rock Retreat: The stained glass window.

During a downtown Sandpoint Artwalk exhibition, one particular piece of art caught Heather Pedersen’s eye – a stained glass mosaic featuring brilliant purple irises in an orange sky formed in a window pane by Artist, Rebecca York. The unusual application was a work full of texture, depth and great composition. Heather took her business card and kept it in her desk for 2 years before calling her to bid on the project. Rebecca ran a daycare until she was diagnosed with a debilitating illness at age 42. Bedridden and bored, she picked up a hobby of augmenting small tables, tiles, old windows and jewelry with glass mosaics. After hearing her life story, Heather felt sure Rebecca was the artist for this prominent, south-facing, window.

To help offset the long, dreary winter days in North Idaho, Heather decided to incorporate something big, bright and colorful in the Great Room’s south wall. To ensure that they were on the same page regarding colors, Heather mailed color swatches from  pictures in magazines and sketched out the desired composition. She also asked the artist to include local wildflowers, make it full of texture, and to camouflage 3 dragonflies within the glass art to represent each one of the Pedersen’s children. TR_Spring_2012_Exterior_0041


The beautiful execution took Rebeca four months to complete and has been greatly appreciated by all who view it. The imbedded large crystal strategically centered in one of the larger flowers delicately casts a wonderful morning rainbow on the kitchen floor. Heather says she’s still amazed at the detail and the different colors that shine throughout the changing seasons. If one looks out the window at dusk, it can seem like an entirely new piece of art, and if the outside deck light is on at night, the window seems to illuminate a completely moody pallet with rich deep colors. Heather’s favorite part of this joyful art form is the little dew drops on the flower stem.

Heather often challenges guests to find the dragonflies. She muses, “It’s the strangest thing: When a couple searches for them at the same time, they quickly find the obvious large one, but, almost without fail, the man and woman find the second and third dragonflies in completely different order. It must have something to do with gender.”TR_Spring_2012_Interior_0026 TR_Spring_2012_Interior_0037

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